Postsecondary Education Agriculture Technology Study Commission

Senate Concurrent Resolution Number 81 of the 2019 Regular Session created the Postsecondary Education Agriculture Technology Study Commission. The Commission will study and make recommendations regarding the needs and opportunities related to the creation of an Agriculture Technology Training Program, including program budgetary needs, curricula, implementation timeline, cross-system collaboration, and any other items the study commission deems necessary for the successful implementation of an Agriculture Technology Program.

action-to-date report april 23, 2020

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The Master Plan

To move Louisiana aggressively forward, the Board of Regents has embraced a robust new attainment goal that calls for 60% of all working-age adults (ages 25-64) in Louisiana to hold a degree or high-value credential by 2030. As we stand on the brink of a new decade, this Master Plan, born of the Board of Regents’ unique charge to guide postsecondary education across the state, will set the foundation to increase opportunity.  Our Talent Imperative is to Educate, Innovate, and Collaborate.

Master Plan for Higher Education