Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are serviced by the Board of Regents IT Department.

To request a membership addition, removal or change – send an email to explaining the requested modification – make sure the email contains the list name, the member’s name, and the member’s email address.

Please note, all list membership modifications require approval of the respective list owner and will be verified with the respective list owner by a Board of Regents IT staff member before the modification is made.

***NOTIFICATION: We are in the process of moving our mailing lists to a new environment. See below for the current email address of each list. As we migrate the lists from the domain, we will update the list address below.***

Academic Affairs

Name Email AddressDescriptionType*
cao Announcements to Campus Chief Academic Officers notification
carto Announcements to Campus Articulation Officers notification
cemo cemo@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements to the Council of Enrollment Officersnotification

BoRSF (Sponsored Programs)

NameEmail AddressDescriptionType*
borsf-notify Announcements concerning general BoRSF (Sponsored Programs) businessnotification
borsf-osp Announcements to institutional BoRSF (Sponsored Programs) (OSP/OSR) offices notification

Data Services

NameEmail AddressDescriptionType* Announcements to users of the Statewide Completers Data Systemnotification
empsal-notify Announcements to users of the Employee Salary Data Systemnotification
fac-notify Announcements to users of the Facilities Inventory and Space Utilization Data Systemnotification
fads-notify Announcements to users of the Financial Aid Data Systemnoitification
penrl-notifypenrl-notify@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements to users of the Preliminary Enrollment Survey Data Systemnotification
sch-notify sch-notify@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements to users of the Student Credit Hour Reporting Data Systemnotification
ssps-notifyssps-notify@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements to users of the Statewide Student Profile Data Systemnotification
sts-notify sts-notify@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements to users of the Student Transcript Data Systemnotification


NameEmail AddressDescriptionType* Community of eLearning Practitionersdiscussion


NameEmail AddressDescriptionType*
epscor-announce epscor-announce@lists.laregents.eduAnnouncements concerning Louisiana EPSCoRnotification
epscor-newsletterepscor-newsletter@lists.laregents.eduLouisiana EPSCoR Newsletternotification

* Notification lists send announcements to all members but do not accept emails from members.  Discussion lists accept emails from all members and sends out received emails to all members.