Universal Transfer Pathways

As a part of its continuous efforts to improve student outcomes in higher education, the Louisiana Board of Regents has been working to streamline the transfer process for students across the state to “develop, coordinate, and maintain transfer pathways for baccalaureate programs that are highly demanded across the state.”

Each universal transfer pathway consists of 60 credit hours of coursework that can be seamlessly transferred and applied toward the requirements of a BA or BS degree at any public four-year institution in Louisiana that offers that degree. Each universal transfer pathway contains courses that satisfy the graduation requirements for an associate’s degree.

Any student who completes the requirements of the universal transfer pathway and then transfers to a four-year public institution in Louisiana will not be required to complete more than the total credits required for the BA or BS degree in that program, less the 60 credit hours earned in the transfer pathway. Students can earn credit for a course in the transfer pathway through accelerated programs like dual enrollment, AP, IB, and CLEP.

Regents worked with more than 600 faculty to create 24 universal transfer pathways, which were approved at the Board of Regents’ meeting in December 2023. Twenty additional pathways will be developed in 2024.

Transfer Pathways

The Master Plan

To move Louisiana aggressively forward, the Board of Regents has embraced a robust new attainment goal that calls for 60% of all working-age adults (ages 25-64) in Louisiana to hold a degree or high-value credential by 2030. As we stand on the brink of a new decade, this Master Plan, born of the Board of Regents’ unique charge to guide postsecondary education across the state, will set the foundation to increase opportunity.  Our Talent Imperative is to Educate, Innovate, and Collaborate.

Master Plan for Higher Education